Board Cover For Rowenta 6100 Natural Twill Ironing

Specifically Made For The Exact Model Listed And Premium Twill or Metalized Fabric in a Variety of Designer Colors And Proudly Made in the USA And Nylon Drawstring w Cordstop for Perfect Fit

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    This Ironing Board Cover For Rowenta 6100 Natural Twill will finally end your search for a quality replacement cover that fits your Rowenta board It is also great for those who prefer a cover that tightens with a drawstring instead of elastic edges Proudly made locally in the USA Berks County PA each replacement cover is expertly crafted from either metalized cotton with a heat reflective surface that speeds up your ironing premium micro brush 7 oz cotton twill great for quilters or premium designer prints We use a nylon cord drawstring fitted with a cord stop to ensure that this cover fits your board like a glove This replacement cover can be used alone with your existing padding or you can purchase an the OPTIONAL needle punched polyester pad which is available in a super thick 6mm This premium extremely dense felt pad which is manufactured right here in the USA is made of needle punched polyester felt and will withstand the hottest temperature of any household iron And when we say dense we mean dense This is far superior to other lesser quality pads So choose your model please order by model number because even though the dimensions may be the same the shape varies color and pad option for a custom solution for your Rowenta ironing board Model 4200 47 5L x 18 5W InchesModel 4201 48L x 18W InchesModel 4300 48 5L x 18W InchesModel 4400 48L x 18 5W InchesModel 4401 47 5L x 18W InchesModel 6100 49L x 18W InchesModel 6200 47 5L x 18 5W InchesModel 6250 49L x 18W InchesModel 6300 53L x 18W InchesWe manufacturer covers and pads for any size any style size board so if yours is not a Rowenta then check our custom selections If you want help with your selection then please contact us Size 49Lx18W Inches Color Natural Twill

    9 out of 10 based on 21 ratings

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